Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Direct video was actually pretty interesting. Here is what I got out of it that is new (some officially new):

– The controller is called the Wii U GamePad
– officially analog sticks, 360 degrees and pushes down
– changes in ergonomics to maximize comfort
– rectangle left of screen = nfc reader writer

– becomes remote for tv
– wii u pro controller looks like xbox controller with symmetrical sticks higher

– zombie game? im pretty sure this was just for demonstration purposes, but I thought Id mention it
-forums and posts (not sure what to call them? on console, of friends
– can call people (not sure if only those you know or not)
– possibly black version of console (guy from zombie demonstration used black controller and pictures of pro controller)
– wii u menu – mii wara wara is what development team called it – roughly translated – noise and commotion created by crowd
– your mii, all on your system, friends, those enjoying same games who speak same language
– speech bubbles in this plaza type area
– games and applications of your on pad
– tv shows most popular games and people playing them
– can switch which shows which interchangeable
– called the miiverse – mii universe
– communication – text or writing on touch screen (just like pictochat from DS)
– add emotion to your mii image on posts
– miiverse interact with all games, connects single player games to others even.
– They call it a “social window”
– eventually away from wii u – on 3ds, pc,  web-enabled mobile devices
– internet browser – share what uou are browsing onto tv
– close curtain on tv, open when ready = entertainment element to browsing

A good amount of hardware information in this video

I believe it was also stated by Iwata that the press conference would be focused on games.


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