My First Few Days With the Wii U

2 days ago, I went out to pick up my pre-ordered Wii U, the Deluxe version.


I was very excited, to say the least. After getting it all set up and the GamePad charged up, I started downloading and installing the relatively long Day 1 update we all knew was happening. After the excruciating wait, I finally got into the menu. I created my user profile and my Mii and my Nintendo Network ID (phantomliger for anyone who wants toad me).


After setting everything up, My friend who was visiting created a Mii for herself. We started playing Nintendo Land. We played Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, Metroid Blast, and Pikmin Adventure. We found all of them to be pretty with different asymmetric gameplay types.

We found the archer (player with the GamePad) in Battle Quest to be a much weaker player in general and defeated many less enemies. We found both players to be relatively equal in strength in the other two attractions.

Later on, I tried allof the single player games. I really had fun with all the different uses of the GamePad. At the top of my list of favorites are Yoshi’s Fruit Cart and Donkey Kong Crash Course. The motion controls in DK were very responsive and the game is very difficult. I’ve only made it into Area 3 so far. The interesting use of the GamePad in Fruit Cart is pretty entertaining. The television screen shows fruit  you must collect as you draw the path you will take on the GamePad, but they are invisible on the controller screen. The background patterns help you to determine the placement of fruit along with each previous path staying on-screen as you fail.

Overall, the attractions are all really fun with some more-so than others.

I also played Assassin’s Creed 3 which is a very fun game.  here is constantly a map on the GamePad screen with different icons showing where things are. You also have the ability to move nearly all HUD elements to the GamePad’s screen to de-clutter the television screen. This seems like it will be a pretty standard use of the GamePad for multiplatform games.

I got to try out the video chat feature with a friend. It’s  more fun than you would think. You can each draw on the GamePad and each will see what is being written. Besides that, it is basically Nintendo’s version of Skype or any other video chatting program. It’s still a neat addition.

By far, the thing I have spent the most time on so far, isn’t even a game; it’s the Miiverse. Sending messages back and forth between friends and looking at the community groups is pretty addicting, It is Nintendo’s own social network for it’s system. I hope in the future there will be the ability to create your own communities or some way to get other communities created rather than only having a community for each released game. Maybe even non-gaming related communities like movies or music for example. For now, this seems to be where the majority of my time is going into. Will it continue to be that way? I do not know. But I do know I will be having fun with the Miiverse whether I use it often or not.


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