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Wii U Information

Today, new information was announced for the Wii U. It is releasing on November 18th which is a Sunday (just like many of their recent consoles and handhelds). There will be 2 SKUs available at launch.

There is the Basic bundle

It comes with a white 8GB Wii U, the gamepad, a sensor bar, the AC adapters for the gampad and the console, and a high speed HDMI cable.

The other bundle is the Deluxe bundle

The Deluxe bundle comes with a black 32 GB Wii U console and gamepad, a charging cradle and stand for the gamepad, a stand for the console, a sensor bar, the adapters, and the HDMI cable.
NintendoLand is also included in this bundle.This also comes with a Nintendo Network Premium subscription which gives points for games bought in the eShop.

The basic bundle is $299.99 while the Deluxe bundle is $349.99 (I’m definitely going for the Deluxe bundle).

A few more things were shown during the conference. Bayonetta 2 was announced as an exclusive. I played the demo for the original which was a lot of fun. I will be excited to get it when this game comes out.

Black Ops 2 was also confirmed to be coming to the console. The Call of Duty games are usually a fun time and a decent online experience, so I will probably be getting this game too. Also, I love the zombie mode from the previous CoD games Treyarch has done.

The already-announced Project P-100 was shown to be renamed The Wonderful 101. Even though it doesn’t seem to have much use of the new controller, it definitely looks like a ton of fun to play. Its characters/art style remind me a lot of Viewtiful Joe on the Gamecube. Even the new title harkens back to it in a way.

The end of the conference showed that there were more than 50 titles due out in the launch window which starts November 18th and extends to March 2013. Here is a list of the launch window titles.

I am super excited for the new Nintendo console. I will definitely be getting it on day one, but at this point, I have no idea what games Ill be getting that day. That’s a question to answer another day.


E3: Nintendo Conference

The Nintendo Conference was pretty good overall. We learned about Pikmin 3. Thenew rock type pikmin look to be able tobe very usable in many situations. Especially shattering crystalline objects like the carapice of an enemy or a wall. It was also revealed that there would be 4 characters to play as all at the same time. I really liked the first Pikmin game so I will definitely be getting this one.

It was also announced that 2 gamepads would officially be able too be used on the system.

Next, New Super Mario Bros. U was shown. It debuted the mini baby Yoshis that spit out bubbles. They are also able to turn into a hot air balloon.  I havent gotten one of the “New” Mario title since the original on the DS, but I may consider getting this one.

Batman Arkham City Armored Edition was shown. Batman and Catwoman both have new, pretty sleek looking armor. But it isnt just for show. They store kinetic energy that you can unleash to increase the power of your attacks. The remore control batterang was shown to be controllable with the gamepad’s gyro sensor. Explosive gel is able to be detonated all at once or one at a time on the gamepad.

A video compilation was hsown with footage from Tank Tank Tank, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2 Directors Cut, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razers Edge, Aliens Colonial Marines, Wii Fit U, and Sing (working title). Sing shows the lyrics to the song on the gamepad while Wii Fit U seems to have a new peripheral that looks like a pedometer.

Lego City Undercover was also shown. It is basically Grand Theft Auto from the cops perspective and build with legos. It looks like it could be a lot of fun having an open world type lego game.

Just Dance 4 was shown to have a new mode utilizing the gamepad. The player with the gamepad is the puppet master. They choose the next move for the other players to perform.

Zombi U was also shown more.

Nintendo Land was shown. It is basically a Nintendo theme park. Your mii visits the various attractions becoming characters in each of the worlds. There are 12 attractions in total and 5 were shown: Zelda, Animal Crossing, Luigis Mansion, Donkey Kong, and Takamaru.

Nintendo also discussed some 3DS games. New Super Mario Bros. 2 has players collecting coins like crazy. Something special happens when players reach 1 million coins. Paper Mario Sticker Star was shown.Same style as all of the Paper Mario games. It is back to a turn based fighting system after the change in Super Paper Mario on the Wii. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon was shown. It has the same old humor from the previous game. But this one has multiple mansions to hunt your way through.

A video was shown with Castlevania Lord of Shadows: Mirror of Fate, Epic Mickey Power of Illusion, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

At heart, I am a Nintendo fanboy, and I enjoyed the information Nintendo revealed during E3.

Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Direct video was actually pretty interesting. Here is what I got out of it that is new (some officially new):

– The controller is called the Wii U GamePad
– officially analog sticks, 360 degrees and pushes down
– changes in ergonomics to maximize comfort
– rectangle left of screen = nfc reader writer

– becomes remote for tv
– wii u pro controller looks like xbox controller with symmetrical sticks higher

– zombie game? im pretty sure this was just for demonstration purposes, but I thought Id mention it
-forums and posts (not sure what to call them? on console, of friends
– can call people (not sure if only those you know or not)
– possibly black version of console (guy from zombie demonstration used black controller and pictures of pro controller)
– wii u menu – mii wara wara is what development team called it – roughly translated – noise and commotion created by crowd
– your mii, all on your system, friends, those enjoying same games who speak same language
– speech bubbles in this plaza type area
– games and applications of your on pad
– tv shows most popular games and people playing them
– can switch which shows which interchangeable
– called the miiverse – mii universe
– communication – text or writing on touch screen (just like pictochat from DS)
– add emotion to your mii image on posts
– miiverse interact with all games, connects single player games to others even.
– They call it a “social window”
– eventually away from wii u – on 3ds, pc,  web-enabled mobile devices
– internet browser – share what uou are browsing onto tv
– close curtain on tv, open when ready = entertainment element to browsing

A good amount of hardware information in this video

I believe it was also stated by Iwata that the press conference would be focused on games.