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Been Away for a While

As always, life gets in the way. In the time I have been away I have moved, I was laid off from my first job in March, and began a new job in May. As well as announcing to my FaceBook that I am bisexual and that I have had a boyfriend for 2 years now. Plus, less than a month ago we adopted a dog, Beau. Throughout the entire time, I have been thinking more and more about game development even during work hours during the day.

I am considering using this blog to describe the process of creating a company as I work on making this a reality for me. I think it could be helpful for others who want to start up a business as I do. Obviously some of the steps and different things will be state specific. For example, Massachusetts has a fee of $500 yearly for the company. The first year being for a certificate of registration and the additional yearly filing fee for annual reports.

I think this will be a fun adventure and possibly a decent resource for some others about starting their own business. At the very least, it will be a nice way to vent a little.


My First Few Days With the Wii U

2 days ago, I went out to pick up my pre-ordered Wii U, the Deluxe version.


I was very excited, to say the least. After getting it all set up and the GamePad charged up, I started downloading and installing the relatively long Day 1 update we all knew was happening. After the excruciating wait, I finally got into the menu. I created my user profile and my Mii and my Nintendo Network ID (phantomliger for anyone who wants toad me).


After setting everything up, My friend who was visiting created a Mii for herself. We started playing Nintendo Land. We played Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, Metroid Blast, and Pikmin Adventure. We found all of them to be pretty with different asymmetric gameplay types.

We found the archer (player with the GamePad) in Battle Quest to be a much weaker player in general and defeated many less enemies. We found both players to be relatively equal in strength in the other two attractions.

Later on, I tried allof the single player games. I really had fun with all the different uses of the GamePad. At the top of my list of favorites are Yoshi’s Fruit Cart and Donkey Kong Crash Course. The motion controls in DK were very responsive and the game is very difficult. I’ve only made it into Area 3 so far. The interesting use of the GamePad in Fruit Cart is pretty entertaining. The television screen shows fruit  you must collect as you draw the path you will take on the GamePad, but they are invisible on the controller screen. The background patterns help you to determine the placement of fruit along with each previous path staying on-screen as you fail.

Overall, the attractions are all really fun with some more-so than others.

I also played Assassin’s Creed 3 which is a very fun game.  here is constantly a map on the GamePad screen with different icons showing where things are. You also have the ability to move nearly all HUD elements to the GamePad’s screen to de-clutter the television screen. This seems like it will be a pretty standard use of the GamePad for multiplatform games.

I got to try out the video chat feature with a friend. It’s  more fun than you would think. You can each draw on the GamePad and each will see what is being written. Besides that, it is basically Nintendo’s version of Skype or any other video chatting program. It’s still a neat addition.

By far, the thing I have spent the most time on so far, isn’t even a game; it’s the Miiverse. Sending messages back and forth between friends and looking at the community groups is pretty addicting, It is Nintendo’s own social network for it’s system. I hope in the future there will be the ability to create your own communities or some way to get other communities created rather than only having a community for each released game. Maybe even non-gaming related communities like movies or music for example. For now, this seems to be where the majority of my time is going into. Will it continue to be that way? I do not know. But I do know I will be having fun with the Miiverse whether I use it often or not.

Quantum Conundrum

I downloaded the demo of this game to determine if my laptop could handle it. Sadly, it cannot.

But what I was able to try, I really liked playing. The creator of Portal, I believe, has done it again. Instead of solving puzzles with portals, 4 dimensions are used to change the properties of objects.

These 4 dimensions are Fluffy, Heavy, Slow, and Reverse.

Using these, you must solve all the puzzles which feels very rewarding each time you figure out how to use the special properties in each dimension. One of the first puzzles that I really got this feeling from was four piles of 4 safes each. Pressing a button above would shoot a lazer back and forth across them. You needed to switch between the fluffy and normal dimensions to destroy the safes in a way to make the piles 4, 3, 2, 1 in a row making a staircase to jump up and get to the higher floor.

The commentary by Professor Quadrangle throughout the demo was also really fun to listen to. Besides the difficulty, this game would be great to help children learn problem solving.

When I get a new computer, I will definitely be picking up this really enjoable game.

E3: Sony Conference

There were a few games at the Sony press conference that looked very interesting.

The first is Beyond: Two Souls. I really liked the previous game Heavy Rain from Quantic Dream. It was a fun game that was basically an interactive movie. This new game from them looks to have more action in it which seemed to be the main complaint with Heavy Rain. It is also staring Ellen Page as the main character in the game, Jodie. This story also seems to have more supernatural elements in it which I always tend to gravitate to more. It should be another fun game from the company.

Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale is at it’s core a Smash Bros. clone. There are some differences between them. There is no percentage for damage. It seems to just have strong enough attacks will destroy a player. There is also a special meter that builds up to multiple levels that can be used to perform special moves. I think this could be a really fun fighting game very similar to Smash Bros. with Sony characters rather than Nintendo ones.

Assassin’s Creed 3 was shown. This was the first time that ship battles were shown. They look to be very fun and exciting. Who doesn’t want to have ocean battles? It will be something that will hopefully work very well to break up the game a little to have more variety in the gameplay.

A very interesting application of the camera and the Move controller was shown in the form of the Wonderbook. This Harry Potter book/game was created with J. K. Rowling. It is called the “Book of Spells” It takes you through learning different spells and having short adventures with each spell. There also are ideas to use the book to develop more games for children. This is definitely something I would get for my children (if I had some currently).

Here is a link to a video showing the book.

The final game shown in the conference was The Last of Us. It’s a new survival horror game from the creators of the Uncharted series. They have shown glimpses of the infected enemies but none were seen during E3 which I really missed. I want to see them clearly in game. The girl, Ellie, that tags along with the player character, Joel, looks like she can take care of herself pretty well. She is far from helpless and doesn’t seem like it will be a chore to escort her. But it doesn’t even seem to be much of an escort situation since she is pretty helpful. It’s more of an intelligent companion. I really hope I find a way to try this game because it looks like it could be great fun.

E3: Ubisoft Conference

Havent been able to update for a while. Could never find the time. Im going to try this week to catch up on E3 information and then I have a few more things to write about. Should all be done by this time next week.

The first thing shown was Rayman Legends. This game is coming to the Wii U with an interesting control scheme. A single player can play normally just like in Rayman Origins, but a second player can use the Wii U GamePad to be a new character.. Using the touch screen, this player can move obstacles and platforms in the game to aid the other player(s). It looks to be a pretty innovative way to use the new console’s controller along with a foreshadowing of gameplay types to be created on the Wii U.

The above picture  is an example. The GamePad is used to turn the half circle with the spikes.

The Marvel Avengers game had such a cool trailer when it debuted. Now its become a fighting game. Im a little disappointed in that. If only it could have been the first person Avengers game that was cancelled. Could have been much greater with much more potential, in my opinion.

Just Dance 4 was shown. The Wii U version allows the GamePad user to choose the next move other players will have to perform. It continues to use the same art style and probably will be just as fun as the other Just Dance games are to play with others.

Far Cry 3 looks to have a fascinating story with some interesting game elements. There seems to be sections taking place in the player character’s mind or hallucinations he is having. As long as it doesn’t occur too often, it could be an interesting change compared to normal first person shooters.

Zombi U was shown off for the Wii U. It looks to be the ultimate survival horror game. It takes place in London after some sort of outbreak with lots of controller integration.The game does not pause while using the pad for inventory management and other activites which leads to a more urgent way of playing. While things occur on the gamepad, the television screen shows your character rummaging during which time, zombies can shamble upon you. This means you have to be much more vigilant as the player. And in this game, one bite means permanent death. Dying as a character will kill you permanently and you will have to begin again as a new character. You can then find your previous character and kill them to retrieve your backpack full of gear and supplies.

It looks like Zombi U could be one of the most interesting survival horror games in a long time.

A new Rabbids minigame collection is coming called Rabbids Land. I always had fun with the previous ones, so I imaging this one will continue the fun hilarity of the Rabbids.

Assassins Creed 3 was shown off. It seems that it will build upon the formula from the other games in the series. It is also coming to the Wii U and I will definitely be purchasing it to fight the good fight against the Templars. I havent played much of the series before this, But it seems that this will be a great one to get into more fully. I cannot wait to play as Conner using ahis bow and his tomahawk to assassinate those who oppose him. 

Ubisoft also has a sequel to a fitness game: Your Shape 2013. Shootmania seems to be an interesting online FPS game that could lead to loads of fun.

The final thing that really interested me was Watch Dogs. It seemed to be a very new and interesting concept to be able to control technology in this fashion through hacking. It seems that you can control almost anything in the city. Im hoping this comes to the Wii U.Contolling the hacking aspect through the GamePad could be amazing with the time put into it. Whether or not it does, this game seems to be a new IP that could work wonders for Ubisoft if it turns into a great game experience.

Tomorrow I will post (hopefully) the rest of my E3 posts, plus another post so I can actually have something more current than E3 news. Have a nice night.

Lack of Updating

I apologize for not updating during this E3 week. I have stuff I will write about, I have been busy and exhausted from my first week of my job. Over the weekend I will be posting about the big conferences and possibly some other games etc.