E3: EA Conference

First is Dead Space 3. I am really hoping this comes to the Wii U, but EA did not show any support yet for it besides their annual sports titles.

Anyway, Dead Space 3 seems to still have very tense moments, but I am really unsure about whether or not the  addition of co-op will help or hinder the game’s feeling of horror. It looks very cool regardless and I like the ice covered planet as a change to the space station corridors and such from the previous games. It seems as if EA has taken a page from Capcom’s RE5 book and taking a turn toward the more action type horror of that game.

EA also showsed off 2 new Sim City titles. THe first was Sim City Social which is a facebook game. It looks to be similar to FarmVille and CityVille and those type of games. The second was the reinvented Sim City for the PC. This looks like the old games but with much better graphics. There is also the fact that people’s cities will be connected to each other through the Internet. They stated that cities will affect those adjacent to them which could lead to some interesting consequences for your actions not only in your own city but those around you.

Five Battlefield 3 expansions were shown which all focus on different facets of the genre. The Aftermath expansion looked as if I would like it the most out of them. It seems to have a focus on surviving the setting you have been placed into as a player. Survival games are a very interesting genre…I would say new genre but I am unsure if it is true or not.

The final game shown was Need for Speed Most Wanted. I liked the Need for Speed games involving the police the most out of the ones I have played. Playing as the police trying to catch the perpetrator and playing as the perp trying to get away from the police both were very fun and interesting changes to the normal type of racing game.

Hopefully EA announces some more support for the Wii U, Otherwise, they do seem to have some cool upcoming games.


E3: Microsoft Conference

It has been a while since I have had some time to be able to actually work on posting. But obviously E3 was last week, I wrote down stuff for each of the conferences. Here it goes:

Halo 4 was shown with some new enemy types called the Prometheans. I really like the design of these which seem very different from anything I have seen in Halo games. I especially like when the Knight’s face opened up showing off its glowing skull face.

Also, these guys seem to be able to move through dimensions or something…you know what I mean if you have seen the trailer.

Next is Splinter Cell Blacklist (which really should also come to the Wii U). I really liked seeing the slowdown execution moves. It seemed very movie-like when this happened. Very cinematic looking but still gameplay. The Kinect voice commands actually look pretty cool and effective but not excessive use of the Kinect. I also really liked that electric crossbow.

The next game I found interesting was the Nike + Kinect Training. It seems to be similar to most of the other fitness games I have seen but I find the all encompassing nature of it fascinating. The meter used to measure activity is the one Nike has been using to train athletes. It could be interesting seeing your progress and activity compared to so many other people, not only Xbox 360 owners.

Microsoft’s SmartGlass looks very interesting but it seems like they got the idea for it from the Wii U GamePad. What they showed off looked cool, but I do not think it will be utilized a whole lot because of the extra effort involved in developing special parts for the mobile and tablet devices.

Tomb Raider looks really great. A demo was shown. I love how they are re-imagining everything about Lara Croft. Having it begin when she is 21 and knows nothing and has to learn everything and basically become the Lara Croft we all have come to know. I hope this also gets announced for the Wii U but if not I will be getting it for the 360.

Resident Evil 6 was also shown as a demo of Leon’s story in the game. It looks like a lot of fun and more horror seeming than Resident Evil 5 was, but not enough back to the horror roots that I miss. I feel Resident Evil Revelations is a great indicator of how to do a great resident evil game and keep it scary (at least the levels taking place on the Queen Zenobia). Also hoping this gets announced for the Wii U.

I wanted to mention South Park The Stick of Truth because of how great the developers have matched the graphics almost exactly to the television show.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 I feel is using a very interesting and not expected idea of moving its story into the future. They seem to have tried to make the tech in 2025 very realistically evolved from our current day technology.

Other games shown were Dance Central 3, some sports games, and a few indie games that look pretty cool.

Lack of Updating

I apologize for not updating during this E3 week. I have stuff I will write about, I have been busy and exhausted from my first week of my job. Over the weekend I will be posting about the big conferences and possibly some other games etc.

Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Direct video was actually pretty interesting. Here is what I got out of it that is new (some officially new):

– The controller is called the Wii U GamePad
– officially analog sticks, 360 degrees and pushes down
– changes in ergonomics to maximize comfort
– rectangle left of screen = nfc reader writer

– becomes remote for tv
– wii u pro controller looks like xbox controller with symmetrical sticks higher

– zombie game? im pretty sure this was just for demonstration purposes, but I thought Id mention it
-forums and posts (not sure what to call them? on console, of friends
– can call people (not sure if only those you know or not)
– possibly black version of console (guy from zombie demonstration used black controller and pictures of pro controller)
– wii u menu – mii wara wara is what development team called it – roughly translated – noise and commotion created by crowd
– your mii, all on your system, friends, those enjoying same games who speak same language
– speech bubbles in this plaza type area
– games and applications of your on pad
– tv shows most popular games and people playing them
– can switch which shows which interchangeable
– called the miiverse – mii universe
– communication – text or writing on touch screen (just like pictochat from DS)
– add emotion to your mii image on posts
– miiverse interact with all games, connects single player games to others even.
– They call it a “social window”
– eventually away from wii u – on 3ds, pc,  web-enabled mobile devices
– internet browser – share what uou are browsing onto tv
– close curtain on tv, open when ready = entertainment element to browsing

A good amount of hardware information in this video

I believe it was also stated by Iwata that the press conference would be focused on games.

Starting a Blog

Hello. Since I recently graduated from college with a degree to make games, I decided I wanted to start writing a gaming blog. So here is my first post, with more to come soon.

Happy Almost E3 Everyone!!!