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Been Away for a While

As always, life gets in the way. In the time I have been away I have moved, I was laid off from my first job in March, and began a new job in May. As well as announcing to my FaceBook that I am bisexual and that I have had a boyfriend for 2 years now. Plus, less than a month ago we adopted a dog, Beau. Throughout the entire time, I have been thinking more and more about game development even during work hours during the day.

I am considering using this blog to describe the process of creating a company as I work on making this a reality for me. I think it could be helpful for others who want to start up a business as I do. Obviously some of the steps and different things will be state specific. For example, Massachusetts has a fee of $500 yearly for the company. The first year being for a certificate of registration and the additional yearly filing fee for annual reports.

I think this will be a fun adventure and possibly a decent resource for some others about starting their own business. At the very least, it will be a nice way to vent a little.